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Sensory Modality Self-Awareness

Learner-Centered Assessment
For each statement, indicate the answers you feel are most typical of you, showing your first (1st) and second (2nd) choices.

  1st 2nd  
1 When I want to learn something new, I usually want someone to explain it to me.
want to read about it in a book or magazine.
want to try it out, take notes, or make a model of it.

2 At a party, most of the time I like to dance, play games, or take part in some activities.
listen and talk to two or three people at once.
see how everyone looks and watch the people.

3 If I was helping with a musical show, I would most likely design the costumes, paint the secenery, or work the lighting effects.
make the costumes, build the sets, or take an acting role.
write the music, sing the songs, or play the accompaniment.

4 When I am angry, my first reaction is to tell people off, laugh, joke, or talk it over with someone.
blame myself or someone else, daydream about taking revenge, or keep it inside.
make a fist or tense my muscles, take it out on something else, or hit or throw things.

5 A happy event I would like to experience is achieving the fame of being first in a physical activity such as skiing, dancing, acting, or in a sporting event.
hearing the thuderous applause for my speech or music.
photographing the prized picture of a sensational newspaper story.

6 I prefer a teacher to write on the chalkboard, use visual aids, and assign useful reading.
require creating posters or models, doing some in-service practice, and participating in some activities in class.
lecture along with informative explanation and discussions.

7 I know that I talk with different tones of voice.
my eyes and facial expressions.
my hands and use gestures.

8 If I had to remember an event so that I could recall it later, I would choose to see pictures of it or read a description.
tell it aloud to someone or hear a tape recording or a song about it.
re-play it in some practice rehearsal using movements such as play-acting, drill, or dance.

9 When I cook something new, I like to use many pots and dishes, stir often, and check it using the taste-test.
read the recipe and judge it by how it looks.
have someone tell me the directions, like a friend or from a show on TV or radio.

10 In my free time, I like to listen to the radio, talk on the telephone, or attend a musical event.
get some exercise, go for a walk, play games or make things.
go to the movies, watch TV, or read a magazine or a book.


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