Dr. Jody Paul
— musician, professor, cognitive scientist, consultant, manager, engineer, personal trainer, …

Computer Science, Music and Multifarious Explorations of an Eclectic


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Exploits in general education, in computer science education, and in a continuous evolution toward learner-centered education

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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Resources and perspectives on software engineering and software engineering education

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Music is the warp (and often the weft) in the fabric of this one's life.

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Curriculum Vitæ / Résumé

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Summary and overview of experience and qualifications as consultant, educator, manager, researcher, and developer in the areas of Software Development Management, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and User Experience Engineering.

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Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer - AFAA Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer Information Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Performance Musician - American Federation of Musicians Performance Musician / Orchestrator Information American Federation of Musicians
Bonded Locksmith - National Locksmith Association Bonded Locksmith Information National Locksmith Association
Lifetime Member - ACM Senior Member - IEEE Charter Member - Pledge of the Computing Professional Computing Professional Information Association for Computing Machinery
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Pledge of the Computing Professional

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